Norwegian Supermarket makes protest banana art

MENY is a Norwegian supermarket chain known for their fresh produce and mouth-watering images of food. This week they decided to advertise a different image of food. On display in the middle of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, they advertised only the banana peel.

The atypical advertisement satirizes the highly discussed performance art piece from this week at Art Basel. Not a comment on the high price of one banana, but the food waste.

The artwork is not the single banana itself, rather the act of regularly replacing it for as long as the artwork is in existence.

In Norway, single bananas are an actual food waste problem. The message was simple:

Common sense: The art of reducing food waste starts with buying and eating single bananas.

MENY has promised to reduce their own food waste by 50% before 2025 and has pledged to help others do the same.


Disclaimer: No bananas were wasted in this production.

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