Experience what is feels like to be a child on holiday, with a family that drinks to much.

Norwegians drink way more alcohol in the summer than otherwise. Together with AV-OG-TIL, we wanted to remind people that your holiday should be enjoyable for everyone. With VR-technology you are able to really feel like it is like being a child, when adults drink too much.

AV-OG-TIL’s work is to raise awareness of when to stop drinking, not just telling people not to drink. Most of us feel we are in control of our own drinking situation, but when you see problems with alcohol as something that other people have.  Therefore, communication around drinking is a very difficult and demanding balance exercise. If you say that everyone should cork the bottle no one would listen, instead we encourage people to reflect on how much they drink and in which company and situation.

The use of VR did not only give us a whole new way to tell a story, it is also a powerful in creating empathy.”

The campaign achieved strong results, especially in social media, where the VR movie and “behind the scenes” were shown over 3 million times. The PR generated over 100 articles. The campaign was also experienced at Arendalsuken, to show politicans why AV-OG-TIL’s work is important need to stay funded.

But the most important result of all: 44% of Norwegians say the campaign can help change their own alcohol habits with children, and 17% say it has had an impact on their own drinking with children present.

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