Do you know the language of the future?

To equip all Norwegian school students for a digital future, Atea took the initiative on “Children’s digital rights”.

We know that in a short time digital competence in the business world will no longer be a competitive advantage, but a pure necessity. 1 in 2 pupils in primary school today use a computer or tablet in teaching 1-2 times a week, and a full 16 percent just a couple of times a month. 2 out of 3 parents with children at school see the need for digital rights for children to be introduced.

Atea is the Nordic region’s largest supplier of IT infrastructure. The company has faced challenges with visibility in its own industry, but also low knowledge of the brand in general. “Children’s digital rights” is a part of a long-term communication strategy to position Atea, and to address the need for increased digitization at school.

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