Brand Campaign

Since the start of the pandemic, fruit and vegetable consumption among Norwegians has declined. National dietary surveys show that on average both children and adults eat only three portions of fruit, berries and vegetables a day, and only one in five eats the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s recommended 5 a day.

BAMA wanted to do something about this!

Pre Game Rituals

In the film, we meet the national team players Erling Braut Haaland, Caroline Graham Hansen and Martin Ødegaard – in training and before the big game. They show off some of their “pre game rituals” – things they do before game time. Sports stars are great role models, and in the split screen we get to see young players copy their heroes.

Realism is the quality of this film, and helps to create a closeness to the big stars. They are like us, they also have to eat their “5-a-day”. Young people are also used through social media to see how the big stars are “off camera”, so it would feel distant to make something too polished.

The music in the film is made by Isak Heim & Rat City. The brothers Kent and Cato in Rat City are previously known in Norway from Donkeyboy, but also their debut single Kind of Love which became a big hit in 2019.

Director: Harald Zwart

Eat 5-a-day

With a star packed team, we wanted to inspire families to eat more fruit and vegetables. 

The Campaign is nominated for best sponsor activation campaign at “Sponsor- og eventprisen 2022”