Recently, products like chilli sauce, non-alcoholic beer, Norwegian cheese, melon, tomato and skyr end up in the shopping cart of Norwegians. On pizza we want meat dough, and to eat the banana we want it to be completely yellow. We want less sugar, greener products and healthier snacks, and are conscious of food waste and plastic. This and much more is the content of MENY’s food report.

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PR, Trend repport

Conscious consumers are growing products such as shakes, salad bars, sugar-free ice cream, sugar-free soft drinks, salmon burgers, fruits and vegetables in snack portions, vegan Oumph pizza and Norwegian farm cheeses.

– We see a clear shift towards more conscious consumers. They are more concerned with health, the environment, sustainability and local identity. It is no longer something that we are just talking about, we can see that from our sales figures. One example is vegetarian priducts, which grew by a whopping 50 percent in 2018, says MENY chief Vegard Kjuus.