39,000 young girls are married off every single day. Child brides are deprived of childhood, schooling and hope for the future. This happens in countries far away from Norway and outside our attention radius. We therefore had to move the issue home. The campaign plays on the powerful contrast between todays princess weddings and the grotesque children’s weddings that are conducted every single day.

To open people’s eyes to both the extent and the atrocities associated with child marriage, we created the Norwegian child bride Thea, who within a month became a global icon in the fight against child marriage.

With a blog as the main channel, we let people get to know that Thea, 12, was to be married to Geir, a 35-year-old man. Through her own wedding blog, we followed Thea on her childish, but at the same time anxious, journey towards a premature encounter with the adult world. Thea’s fate became our strong story of a brutal reality that affects too many girls every single day.

 The question was how would people react to a Norwegian 12-year-old girl standing bride, and would they help us stop the wedding?

The campaign became a global movement that engaged the Norwegian authorities to take an international leadership role in the fight against child marriage.

PLAN International