The Norwegian Study Guide

To help you understand the Norwegian culture, we want to teach you about some Norwegian customs that can seem weird at first, but in the long run they can help you assimilate into the community.

BI is a top┬ábusiness school in Europe, that wants to attract more international students. But choosing school is hard and it can be scary moving to a new country with a different culture. It can be difficult to imagine what student life in Norway might look like. To help future students out, we’ve created this guide based on experiences from our current international students.

You might be surprised, you might be amused, but most of all we aimed to get  people excited to learn more about living in Norway as a student.

The guide has 6 chapters, view all of them here.

We used the students own pictures and videos from their study time in Norway to create the intro to the guides, showing that this is real students and not actors.

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Campaign to attract international students