To Victoria. From Mom.

The center of the campaign was a film made to show the problem from a childs perspective. That what we as adults don’t think is “that bad” can actually ruin Christmas for a child.

The Campaign

The organization AV-OG-TIL works to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol in society and to make everyday life safer for everyone. At the start of the Christmas, we wanted to focus on the alcohol consumption of adults around children at the holidays – creating awareness of ones own drinking pattern. We also wanted to give people tools to have the difficult talk with someone who drinks too much. 

We know that alcohol is a hot topic that many find difficult, or even impossible to address. A country representative population survey conducted showed that 1 in 3 Norwegians find it unpleasant to confront family members with high alcohol consumption. We used a professional approach and presenting a solution that could make talking easier. A guide to how to talk to different kind of personalities like “The Comedian” and “The Martyr”.

The yearly "How many drinks can you child handle?"-campaign

With us on the team we got rhetorician Elaine Eksvard, who developed concrete advice on how to talk about this with different personality types, based on rhetorical tools. In conjunction with the promotional film, this constituted the main elements of the campaign.

Visit the rhetorics guide to “how to have the talk”